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#Diana Petcu with song recommendation of her patron Stephen D. Blum 🙂

“The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress” - Joan Baez; Cover performance by Diana Petcu & Calin Andrei.

Songwriter: Jimmy Webb

Why wish song with a special character? Joan Baez is a really extraordinary woman and musician. She is world famous for her unique songs as well as for her engagement as a civil rights activist and pacifist.

She is also touring through certain countries this year – including Germany. The concert tickets are almost sold out for the concert events in Germany. But you can also visit her concerts in other countries of Europe and the USA.

But now back to this unique song by Joan Baez. This musician, with her unmistakable soprano voice, sings in a lyrical way about the appearance of the moon in the night sky and the “love” for it.

What is so special about the moon? It is our Earth-Trabant – the luminous companion in the night.

Our favorite singer – Diana Petcu – interprets this nostalgic song together with the charming guitarist Calin Andrei, for her fan base at Patreon © – at the request of her patron Stephen D. Blum.

Diana and Calin create with passion, amazing character and interpretation this song as an island of inner peace in our hearts. Why? – Because they present this song in a unique and passionate way. Totally harmonious, musically poetic, expressive – they are definitely – a great gift for their fan base.

Experiencing these two absolutely unique, young music talents nowadays, is invaluable to their fan base – and therefore for me too!

Photo gallery of this video

Since this video was really so beautiful, I’ve put together a photo gallery of this video.♥♥

Both deserve the highest respect – but that alone is definitely not enough to honor these unique achievements!

Therefore, support Diana’s singing career – here in our music family, with many additional features. For example: MP3 downloads, discussions, photos, additional videos, etc. – exclusively for supporters!

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