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#Diana Petcu – with a Song from Missy Higgins – as cover β™₯β™₯β™₯

“Where I stood” – this very emotional song by Missy Higgins – is very demanding and at the same time shows how changeable love really is.

This wish song from one of my subscribers is at the same time connected with my heartfelt thanks on my part – the confidence to present this song, also with the original passion and strength.

Because this song is about the realization that one girl loses her love to another. This is very dramatic in real life – but it is important to accept change.

Love is the most beautiful gift for us humans – but at the same time it makes us vulnerable and fragile.

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I’m happy on you πŸ™‚

Your Diana Petcu β™₯


One Reply to “Desired song of a subscriber”

  1. I say thank you, Diana
    Diana really deserves the highest respect and recognition for her phenomenal performance in this video. And not only in this! It has been for me absolutely the right decision to support Diana as well as I can.
    I ask everyone who reads my comment to think about how Diana can be still better supported.
    Not only shows Diana’s videos to your friends, but also spontaneously addresses strangers. This is how viral thinking and action works – from the heart, to “infect” people with enthusiasm! – Because you just can’t keep silent, but necessarily tell others about it.
    As a musical family together for the success of Diana – from the heart and with all my heart for her πŸ™‚

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