Cover song for a special patron

So wonderful can be community – Diana Petcu fulfills song request with “Tin Man” as cover after the original song by Miranda Lambert


This song is dedicated to Val Maxwell from his family - a man and a family man, with a very difficult and responsible job.

This cover song for a special patron is also a musical treat for the entire music family of Diana

She sings this wonderful song with her full, authentic passion and presents herself in a dreamlike outfit ✨

She convinces with its authentic charisma and thus enchants the entire their music community.

What a girl – a young artist with charm, intelligence, a grandiose voice, kindness and sincerity and natural beauty!

THAT makes Diana so special and who she has once closed in the heart lets Diana never go!

Diana also loves her real fans in return – a true rarity and a great gift at the present today time. ♥ 

Because many aspiring artists barely take time to communicate real with their fans.

Diana has fans worldwide – her community on YT is growing rapidly – no wonder if you see the following photo gallery.

The best sequences from the video – exclusively here

Fascinated and inspired? – Now your commitment is needed!

Do you want Diana to sing your wish song for you as well? Then join her music family:

In addition, you can also support Diana’s singing career here:

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