Controversial – but with character ✅

Strong performance from singer talent Diana Petcu ✨

You Call Me A B!tch Like It’s A Bad Thing / Cover by Diana Petcu – Original from the rock band Halestorm

Controversial – but with character, because Diana is clearly the opposite of a B!tch. But she fully expresses her authentic power – especially in this video!

explosion - wow - effect

There is definitely great potential in Diana – these facial expressions – sometimes “angry” then somewhat “arrogant” – as this song from the text is. A mixture of hate, truth about what the other person doesn’t admit.

We all know that – I ‘am right? Just insult someone – to take revenge (to present yourself better than you yourself really feel) – what a fallacy!

Diana created her own artwork from this song – just see how amazingly charismatic she is in this video!

Photo gallery with special and incredible impressions from the video

Controversial – but with character – that makes Diana Petcu a very special, authentic artist.

Basically, she can cover all songs and give them a very special and wonderful, charismatic impression.

She likes to play with her feminine charms and stages them in an intelligent way.
Nobody can “catch” Diana just like that – but every real fan of hers loves it – when she presents herself so teasingly and charmingly.

With more than 1,8k subscribers on her YT channel, Diana is clearly on the road to success. Your community has grown a lot in the past few months.
Now you might think what are 1,850 subscribers – others have well over 90k and more!

I have to say the following: Diana Petcu has a very mixed fan base of the age and genres they love. For this very special community sings Diana this songs!

Many of their fans are from the USA and they always enjoy listening to songs by certain bands and rock bands.
The rock band Halestorm in particular is very popular with many people.
Diana presents all these very special songs on her YouTube channel and her live streams.

With her unique livestreams, she has established herself very well on this artist platform, really absolutely and so fantastic!

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