Clear goals with convincing results

What makes Diana Petcu so unique as a young artist – small portfolio – a medley will follow in the near future 🙂

Clear goals, it's a fundamental part of any success - convincing results are the best reward. Diana finish her high school diploma in just a few weeks - another milestone on her way to success.

That’s why this special blog post, instead of a new video from her. But no one has to do without a video of her – here’s one, which ensures a little bit of cooling in the hot summer. 

It does not matter which season we have – this video / cover by Diana is gorgeous and always up to date.


Another successful video, with a song what composed by Diana Petcu and Andrei Cerbu – it’s so terrific that I have to release this one here.



As a little special, I’ve put together a portfolio of Diana’s latest success videos – as a photo gallery in two parts.

Part one

Part two


A good advice with an important hint

Check out many as possible videos from Diana, before she the next video on her YT channel published.

Write a comment on these videos, which you have not yet viewed and commented on.

And if you liked it, Diana and her fan community would be happy to receive a thumbs up from you.

Outstanding artists as Diana need a strong community to achieve common goals.

Click here an join for Diana’s music community where you can benefit from many promotions – every supoort is important: 

In addition, you can support Diana’s singing career in this way individually:

We look forward to you 🙂

and you will also be very happy to get to know Diana as a unique, charming and authentic young artist – promised!

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