Clear course to the 1K

Diana Petcu with the impressive song “At Last” by Etta James as cover

Diana - with clear direction to the 1K subscribers on YT & over 117K video views!


With her authentic charisma and a charming smile, she interprets this impressive song 🙂

In recent weeks, Diana has her high school diploma/exams with great ambition – now she’s back with her beautiful voice & this great video performance.

Photo gallery of this superb video

Desire and success are not fiction at Diana, but reality! But how does this work? In addition to talent and hard work, every successful artist needs a strong, growing and reliable fan base! ♥♥

Thus, we are on an important topic regarding Diana’s singing career

Diana Petcu has become a best friend for many of her fans. Real friendship is based not only on respect and continuity, but also on thinking in the soul of this person. 

An important person – in both directions – with win-win effect!

Here are the concrete two possibilities

Join to music community from Diana Petcu: 

Another possibility you can find here:

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