Challenge accepted and perfectly staged

Hard Rock with Diana Petcu – something completely new in her singing career

Diana Petcu with Hard Rock Performance - magical cover version of the song "Love Bites (So Do I)" - by the rock band Halestorm - perfect - great - strong


Hardly anyone has expected Diana’s fan community to celebrate with she a mega hard rock performance.

Diana has accepted the challenge and perfectly staged it! It’s very difficult to sing something like this – considering that she sings mainly lyrical melancholic songs.

To combine such a powerful voice with a show performance of an “aggressive tiger” is a huge challenge.

But Diana has fully focused on this song and performed it with her musically authentic traits in an amazing way.

In the preview for the video, presents Diana her music community a photo, where sheherself rather “harmless”.

Therefore - the surprise in the following photo gallery

Beware – extremely “biting” singer talent – on these photos – with multi-faceted excerpts of this superb video!

Part two

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