Beauty and elegance united

Charisma until in the fingertips – that is Diana Petcu’s real passion for music

Beauty and elegance united – that’s feel you it in every video of her, especially in this one! ❤

Diana’s cover of If I Ain’t Got You / Original by Alicia Keys is exorbitant (in a positive sense) and I think that the legendary songwriter would very much like to present this song with Diana.

Unsurpassable, wonderful, amazing, charismatic and authentic – these are Diana’s elementary success quotients, which make all of her videos so unique.

The performance of this song is so wonderful – everyone who really understands this song realizes how much inspiration comes from Diana.

Constantly changing gestures – paired with a phenomenal vocal performance, that is really pure music enjoyment for the soul. ❤❤

Why? Alicia Keys is a very successful and charismatic artist who holds a very special position in the music business. ✨✅

It is sheer the pure madness when Diana keeps surprising her fan base with new song covers.

Strong feelings from and with the golden voice of Eastern Europe

Music with dynamic character – Diana has succeeded in a grandiose and comprehensive manner with this wonderful cover.
This song is so unique, that’s why we want to honor the incredible and amazing performance of Alicia Keys in this post.

Specially with this video from Alicia Keys

We also want to honor Diana’s performance at this point – with a very important note.

Young artists like Diana bring joy to people’s hearts. Many of them are often very lonely – but through these videos they feel what unique attention they receive.

Diana is wholeheartedly grateful for every little amount to support her singing career.

Nobody can actually pay that, what Diana does for her fan community – despite her demanding study!

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