Back with a wonderful song

After a persistent flu, #Diana Petcu surprises her fans

With a cover version of Shania Twain’s terrific song – “You’re Still the One” Diana returns. Their fans fully understood Diana’s short break and are thrilled to continue with Diana’s unique video.


Songwriter and more information about this song, you can read here: more info

Now for Diana’s unique video performance. Anyone who knows Diana for a while knows how unique she is in her videos. Her absolutely authentic and unique charm enchants her fan base again and again.

It is no longer a secret that Diana has an increasingly strong fan community on the way of her singing career. She constantly improves the quality of their videos and selects for each video a very special outfit with numerous features/applications.

Let we speak these pictures

This video again shows Diana’s unique talents. The constant alternation between restraint and confident traits, smiles, seriousness, charm – all give this video a certain a very amazing key note.

But let’s talk at this point pictures – unique sequences of this video are guaranteed to bring you ever closer to Diana.

Until you clearly say: Yes, from now on I want to support Diana on the way to her singing career. Everybody is asked to join in – so do not talk but act!

If you prefer not to do half things in terms of support for Diana and you’re burning with your heart to her success, then join Diana’s music family.

You’ll be amazed at what additional surprises waiting of you – which Diana shares only with her inner circle.

I'll do it


Additionally you can find another way of support, for succesful singing career from Diana here: 

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