Amazing – with a new concept

Ballade from Genesis newly performed by the charming singer Diana Petcu

The Carpet Crawlers – this time not sung by Phil Collins – but covered by Diana Petcu.

Amazing – with a new concept for this song request – therefore exclusively with a very nice photo of Diana instead of a regular video.

This song is really impressive from the sound quality and the thumbnail from the optics too.

Although this time it’s not a regular video, there’s no loss! It is a song request and at the same time a wish song by a loyal patron.
The song requests are very different – depending on the level at Patreon©!

For those who prefer a video of this song, I found an original Genesis video on YT.
You can watch this video of the song – The Carpet Crawlers – right below this note.


Genesis songs are still very popular ✨✅

It’s always amazing that old songs are still so very popular today – not just from Genesis.

A few months ago Diana surprised us with a song by Elvis Presley when she used an ancient musical instrument.

With the Kalimba

As you can see, Diana always surprises all her fans with special ideas. That makes her a very talented and resourceful artist. ✅✨✅

Instead of video – a photo gallery with unique photos ✨✨

I have put together some photos of the charismatic artist Diana Petcu. You will be amazed – how beautiful Diana really is. As a sweet, beautiful, charming princess, nature lover – and to cool off – a winter photo.

This brilliant photo gallery makes it clear to every viewer and reader what charismatic properties Diana really has. Because pictures say more than a thousand words.

Since beautiful words never benefit an aspiring artist, only personal commitment helps.

What do I mean – specifically? There are two effective and real ways to support Diana’s singing career.
Once at Patreon© – the music family of Diana Petcu – where you can also submit your song request – but only here:

In addition – but without these advantages – like this way:

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