A strong girl conquers the world

Whoever hears this song experiences a charismatic interpretation of All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You ❤❤

Diana Petcu with a great cover of All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You
Original by the Rock Band Heart in the style of Halestorm

A strong girl conquers the world – everyone can see it here.

With this performance full of character, Diana has once again achieved a fantastic masterpiece. She always chooses very special musical works and presents a wide repertoire of very different songs on her YouTube channel.

We are blessed to have such unique musical talents as Diana Petcu in our day and time. ✅

In the photo gallery you can see special scenes where Diana’s facial expressions and performance come into their own.

Photo gallery – special scenes from this video

Diana has already written under her video that she is supported on Patreon and through PayPal.

You have two options here to specifically support Diana’s singing career.
In Diana’s music family – with numerous options – exclusively for members of their Inner Circle:


Anonymous and / or additionally in this way:


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