A song with deep meaning and truth

Every true fan of charismatic music has understoodDiana is a real star!✨

Diana Petcu with a grandiose and emotional interpretation of the song Desperado - by Linda Ronstadt (Cover) - Song request from the patron Val Maxwell

A song with deep meaning and truth – about the search for the true me. 

Diana is one of the most amazing young artists because she is very honest, authentic, charismatic, loving and down to earth.

She has always overcome many barricades – along with her real fan base.

That’s why she it’s so hugely popular – because it gives us so much and real fans offer she a lot of support in return.

This song is about a man in search of true happiness in life. But we know that – often we want more than we can really afford.

Diana has anchor character – who understands what she wants to say with the songs, will realize what makes them so unique to us.

I have known Diana for over a year now and have always supported her on the way to her singing career. I certainly do not do that for every young artist.

Again and again I have realized what firm will she has and how determined she is. Such authentic role models like them are a rarity nowadays!

It is a great pleasure to admire her and her artistic talent!

Photo gallery and the most impressive moments of this video

Part – 1

Part – 2

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