A new – very lyrical song

#Diana Petcu – Once upon a time there was a december (cover version)

This lyrical and at the same time musical masterpiece, inspired me, as I was a child. I sang this song already in my childhood.


At Christmas time we remember many events, so I chose this song from the movie “Anastasia”. At the time, Anya remembered the moments when her grandmother sang that lullaby for her.

It’s a new – very lyrical song, which I would like to bring with my own performance for all my fans, friends and supporters by video.

At this point I wholeheartedly thank all my loyal friends and patrons for your unique support.

Only so is it possible to turn dreams into truth.

If you want to support me you can do this here – I really appreciate it 🙂

If you join my fan base and would like to ask me to sing your wish song, I would be very happy to welcome you here: https://www.patreon.com/DianaPetcu

A peaceful, happy and contemplative Advent and Christmas, wish you all, your Diana Petcu 🙂 


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