A new era begins – the big change

For a long time it was a secret – now Diana Petcu presents her new performance with Artemes

Perfect start with a spectacular cover song by rock band Paramore ✨✅

To the history of Diana’s decision

Diana Petcu is mainly known to her fans as a solo singer. But – as I announced in the before post, it’s about positive changes.

All of her videos are individual milestones on her path to success as an aspiring and charismatic artist.

This also includes many successful collaborations with artists worldwide, as well as with a virtual band in the summer of last year.

In order to achieve significantly even better quality, Diana has designed a joint project with other, very talented artists at her city.

We can see the this very good result based, from the first video, what this fantastic music group presented today.

At this point I would like to congratulate the entire team of Artemes on their absolutely powerful performance and video.

A new era begins – the big change – with excellent results!

Why blogging continues on this website ✅

Continuing the history of Diana’s singing career is of great relevance. Because in the past two years, many users have read these posts very intensively.

It would be fatal for this community to suddenly not be able to read anything about Diana’s further singing career. All news are also very interesting because they contain a lot of useful additional information.

In addition, this is explicitly about Diana Petcu as an artist – regardless of which band she appears with.

Because there will always be changes – especially in the art scene.

Let’s think about the world band Abba – nobody would have thought that there would be a huge change in this.

As the owner of the IMA Mario Poguntke I regularly blog about Diana here, this website has been very well received. Diana Petcu has repeatedly shown me in the past in numerous comments how important this website is for her.

In addition, as an agency for legally secure websites, IMA Mario Poguntke is able to implement the provisions of the GDPR with practical experience.
This is based on the agency partnership with a leading IT law firm, as well as another specialist lawyer who is also a data protection lawyer.
In the case of copyright and other legal matters, we are able to competently resolve them through our in-house, specialized lawyers.

In this regard, there will be a special article on copyright and GDPR.

But come we now to the photo gallery of this premiere with Artemes – Diana and band in action ✨

Your specific contribution and your path – together with Artemes ✅

The entire Artemes team showed in a convincing way what unique performance they had already created at the premiere.

Therefore: You too can support Diana and the band on the road to success in order to present even more of their talents. For everyone who already knows and supports Diana, the little button that they have to press is known. And for All new patrons goes in the same direction:


If you want to do even more for them, then here is the chance to determine your individual amount:


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