A new chance for you

Third round of song requests with a fantastic start ✨

Incredible angel performance – a voice that comes from paradise.

Paradies - Post from June 14, 2020

Diana Petcu surprises with a terrific cover of Ocean Eyes / Original by Billie Eilish

A new chance for you – ask Diana to sing your song ✅Notes - post from June 13, 2020

Become part of Diana’s music family and find out unique secrets from this charismatic artist, which she only shares with this community.

Special sequences from this phenomenal video

Diana Petcu presents this song in an impressive way with an inspiring look and an angelic voice. If you look into her beautiful eyes, you will see how unique this young artist is.

She makes your life much, much more beautiful with such wonderful songs.

Music brings people together – worldwide – and unites them for a better life and cooperation /understanding.

In an interview, this artist also talked about her love of dance, which she started at the age of eight.

This is a good parallel to Diana’s own life story, which has developed into a real success story to this day.

She has inspired many people when she was young – but her voice has grown tremendously over the past two years.

That’s what I say as author of this article – since I have analyzed her singing career very carefully on Patreon© and also on YouTube for two years.

Diana Petcu has impressed me as an artist with her fantastic character and voice since the first video where I discovered her in a collaboration.

But what she shows of the entire performance in this song is definitely another great success for her – as a soloist and a great artist in general. She can sing every song, however demanding, in an enchanting way and brings songs from the last millennium back to life.

This vocal performance impresses her delicate body language, as well as her gestures – and then this outfit, as well as her make-up style.
She is a perfect girl with an impressive character when it comes to her fan community.

In addition, she is totally happy, funny and unique authentic in her live streams. She loves to give her fans sincere compliments and to tell about her past and current life.

Experience for yourself how unique Diana is – in her music family:


And support them on this path – you will love being able to accompany them on their way to success:


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