A legendary song with an amazing part

Diana Petcu & Calin Andrei present While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Original by The Beatles

Let’s continue with a beautiful photo gallery ✨

A legendary song with an amazing part – with real passion from Diana and Calin.

If you look at the pictures from the video, you can clearly see with how much passion the two present this great song.

Diana has the wonderful gift and talent to give songs a charismatic expression.

Every single note is combined with a sonorous symphony, which reaches the mind and soul of the listener in fine waves.

It is a wonderful kind of positive energy that is transmitted from her heart into every heart that hears and feels your unique voice.

Diana is a true singing miracle and Calin is a terrific guitarist. Both deserve the highest recognition for this fantastic song performance!

Diana’s magical aura has already attracted many fans and anyone who watches her live sessions will notice how unique she is as a young artist.

Diana and Calin are two young and wonderful musical talents who mean the world to their fan base.

Specifically, give something back to these two successful and upcoming artists and the entire band – Artemes.

By that I mean – your special feedback and recognition!

Here you can do something specifically and have a unique opportunity to learn more about Artemes:


The inner circle of Diana and her band Artemes is more magical than you can ever imagine! Never miss these diverse opportunities in your life, because it gives you amazing impulses that you have not yet met! ✨✅

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