A legend awakes to new life


Dream-performance with #Diana Petcu & #Calin Andrei – House of the Rising Sun“The Animals”


Charismatic - perfectly stageds - & blog post with additional video and important success story about the singing career of Diana Petcu


It’s true: a legend awakes to new life – here – in this amazing video + Dream performance with Diana Petcu and Calin Andrei! 🙂

The following photo gallery shows this in an impressive way.

And there is another and very impressive result for the success of Diana Petcu as a vocal talent.

112k video views on her YT channel are clear evidence and an indicator of Diana’s unique, consistent and authentic career as the ultimate artist.


Photo gallery of this unique video 

 (Part 1)

 (Part 2)

Important, additional success story about Diana

Today – exactly a year ago – Diana has released this terrific video on her YT channel:


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A good work needs a strong community – be there, we look forward to seeing you 🙂

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