A another video – before I come back to the weekly and wish request

#Diana Petcu “Kill ’em with kindness” – a song by Selena Gomez (as cover)


In life we encounter many people and moments. Some of them fill us with joy, while others are hurtful and try to pull you, down like a suction.
What’s behind the selection of this song has to do with those moments and facts in my life.
Many people around us wear masks of friendliness – but they are just the symbol of a real deception. Others wear masks of arrogance and mockery – how should you try to encounter them?
With kindness – because such a thing does not expect your opponent.

Friendliness is a positive view of things – hatred, on the other hand, dies from its own substance

I want to show all my friends that hatred, envy, insults never last forever – because the friendliness is the light – the warming rays of the sun.

Think and act positively – so defeat effectively your adversaries 🙂

Forever in your heart – with kindness – Yours Diana Petcu ♥♥

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  1. #Diana Petcu – like many other successful people – experiences the envy, hatred and hostility that are bitter aftertaste on the career path. But she does not let it affect her negatively, but tries to convince her fans with all her maturity, positive thinking / friendliness.
    She is not too cowardly to tell from her real life – she trusts her true friends and fan family. That’s what makes Diana so special!

    It only helps to continue – to trust people anew and, above all, to themselves 🙂
    Last but not least, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is thinking about dismissing his most loyal colleague and I know the situation of many war-displaced children from the Donbas. What should one sometimes say?
    I wish that to the entire fan community and Diana – with all my heart

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