About me


    My name is Diana Petcu – I am a singer from Iaşi, Romania. As I began singing at age 5, I now discover the true potential of my voice and the desire to share it with everyone else. Now, at the age of 18, I can continue to improve my talent.

First, I want to tell a very interesting story from my life, especially how it came to be a singer at all.

We all have dreams – mine started when I participate a children’s show in my hometown Iaşi.

A moderator came joyfully with the words: “Ma’am, I have found a new talent” to my mother. She talked to her about how enthusiastic she was about my singing.

Since then, I have traveled to many European countries, including Montenegro, Ukraine, Italy, Latvia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I have represented Romania in international competitions and participated in hundreds of national competitions.More about me – in the following video ✔ 

Welcome to my channel – Diana Petcu –



Stations of my life

In 2000, I was born in Iaşi (Romania) and still live happily with my family together.

Although our beautiful university city offers many excellent education opportunities, becoming a successful artist is very difficult.

In today’s music industry – in addition to money – a promotion of artists plays a major role. It is very difficult to pursue these goals because there are very limited possibilities for artistic development.

The biggest support I get from my mother – but many real fans give me again and again a lot of power.

Through contacts with other young musicians such as Andrei Cerbu, Sina Drums, Călin Andrei, Ştefan Atîrgoviţoae, Marcos Medina, Robert Ciubotaru and other musicians created some music videos. These consisted of original songs and cover versions. In addition to these videos, I started to produce some of my own covers, which were usually taken at home.

My wonderful fan base has grown a lot in the last few months. At this point my sincere thanks to all who believe in me and provide excellent support.

Collaborations with other artists & first own song

In the last twelve months I have met other, wonderful and very gifted artists. This allowed me to discover farther horizons – more about on my blog.

As for my school and professional career, there will be an update in the near future. I just want to mention so much that I am currently studying at a university in Iaşi. Because one thing is clear: goals need a real basis.

I am happy and thank you for your interest
With kind regards
Your Diana Petcu 

From August 15th, 2020 – new formation – now with band Artemes –